Friday, April 19, 2013

Final Stages...

It's almost here. Believe me, I'm as relieved as you all are. I've heard your pleas for Julie and Chris's story. Right now, Operation: Endurance with my e-book formatter and I am on the final stages of approving the print copy. So, we are on track for the April 30th release...knock on wood. *eeks*

This is when I start getting nervous about making sure that it goes up on-time. I'm one of those people that annoyingly shows up for a party 10 minutes before it starts.

BUT as soon as it's uploaded onto Amazon, I will send out a newsletter letting you know that it's officially available. Note: the newsletter goes out when the e-book format is available...not print. They are two separate processes so it's virtually impossible to have them timed together and most people buy the e-book.


Now that I can see the finish line on Operation: Endurance, my focus is beginning to shift to other projects and I have SEVERAL in the works.  I'll be making some official announcements after Op: Endurance releases, but to whet your appetite, I'll give you a few hints here.

Next Up:

  1. The Shadow of Mudflap- super-spy heroine, firefighter hero, with a backdrop of West Texas football, danger, and adventure. All proceeds from this book will benefit The Red Cross. Releasing: August, 2013

  2. Unnamed Novella- There is one more novella coming from the When the Mission Ends series. You get a glimpse of the featured couple at the end of Operation: Endurance. I'm excited although I'm not really sure where their story is going yet. I just know there's a story there to be told. Releasing: Fall or Winter, 2013

  3. Through the Veil- This is a paranormal dystopian series that I started last year. This is the first release from the series with plans to write 5-8 books total in the series. I'm really excited about this world and will share more soon. Tentative release date: October, 2013

  4. The Christmas Top- My first official contracted publication releasing through Decadent. This is an m/m novella set on Christmas Eve through their 1NS series. I think the release date for it is November, 2013

  5. Snowcroft Lost- A full-length m/m romantic suspense novel that's been brewing in my head for a few months. I'm excited about this project, but haven't even started on it yet, although I know exactly what happens for the first few scenes. Tentative Release date: February, 2014

  6. Martin Ranch Trilogy- You met the Martin boys in Operation: Endeavor. Andrew is a Texas Ranger, Scott is a paramedic, Matthew, the baby of the family, works on the family ranch. All three will be getting a full-length romantic suspense novels. First up is Scott and his heroine, Skye, who's a country/western star. These two have been pushing on my creative muse all week so their story is already forming big-time. Tentative release date: April, 2014.

Wow, it's going to be a busy, crazy year, but I am so excited about ALL of these books! Like I said, I'll be giving you more details after the release of Operation: Endurance....Especially about The Shadow of's been such a fun project to work on so far (about 1/3 of the way written).



Attention Reviewers: I should have my e-book copies of Operation: Endurance next week. Email me ( if you'd like to read and review it! Thank you all!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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