Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday- July 10

Good evening! I promise I am going to get this post up before Tuesday is over. I'm writing like a maniac over here, but I am not going to let it interfere with the other things I need to get done.

So on we go to this week's Top Ten Tuesday post! Whee!!

10. This... was posted on Harlequin's Facebook wall this morning and I think it says it all!


9. Ready to meet my new Hero and Heroine?? This is Marcus (although imagine him with dark purple wings) and Lori...

(photos removed)


You can find the rest of the characters from this new story/series on my author Facebook page.


8. A New Story

Wait, you didn't know I was writing a new story?? Honestly neither did I. But whee, it has morphed into a SIX-BOOK SERIES!!! Through the Veil is book #1 and the series will also be called Through the Veil.

Through the Veil Story Description:

58 years ago a gorge opened up from Mobile, AL to Quebec City, Canada to split the United States into the Western States (WS) and the Eastern States (ES).

40 years later, a fog rolled in on the WS that they called the Veil. Within twelve hours it formed an impenetrable wall between the two sides.

It’s been 18 years since anyone has known what’s happening on the other side of the Veil.

Now, Lori, an Other, in a desperate attempt at escape from the ES’s torture and experimentation, has crossed the Veil and found a world beyond belief.

Marcus is a Warrior, but when Lori collapses at his feet wounded and exhausted, he knows he has to protect her. But seeing that she’s the first person he’s seen in 18 years without wings, he’s worried about what her appearance means for his people and the world they’ve created since the Veil fell.

Two new societies: one built on a respect for the natural order of nature and the world, the other built on mistrust and corruption. Can they learn to co-exist once again?


7. Candace Havens Fast Draft Class

(I needed a visual so I grabbed my favorite cover of her's. I just happen to have this book in my TBR pile...someday, I'll read it.)

And this class is how I'm managing to write Through the Veil. In four days, I've written 21,000 words and fully plan to have the book done within 10 more days. I know! It's all about shutting up my internal editor which is really hard to do when I've worked so hard to find and train her, but I'm liking the results so far.  Candace's website.


6. Skittles

And with lots of writing comes lot of these. Yes, in the last four days, I have gone through FOUR of these full-sized bags!?! OMG! It's out of control. I ran out of them this morning at noon. I refuse to buy anymore. At this rate I will be diabetic. The real test now begins...can I write without Skittles???


5. Le Tour

Yes, we are fans! I don't know how it happened. Dh is a bicyclist, but somewhere along the way, I became obsessed. This is at least the third year we've watched it. I jump out of bed at 7:00 to see it live, then watch it again at night with DH...oh, and I follow all the tweets too the rest of the day. Can we say obsessed??


4. Moosejaw

I mentioned dh before...yes, he's an outdoor guy and is prepping to go on a big backpacking trip. The other day he got a package from Moosejaw that included this bumpersticker. As a romance writer I can get behind any business that promotes French Kissing.


3. My Best Read of the Week

The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden- if you like erotica and have a soft spot for geeks, I think you'll like this one! You can see my review HERE.

2. My favorite pinterest pin from this week...

1. For your viewing pleasure...

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Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! =)

  2. LOL I understand the concept of cooking really well (love it) but the cleaning part I wish applied to someone else :)