Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Five to kick off Spring Break...

When Love Comes Back...
It's up for preorder! 
Here are the links:

releasing March 23rd!!

And the blurb, just in case you haven't seen it...
He was her biggest mistake.

She was his biggest regret.

Once upon a time Felicia Parks and Gage Winston were each other’s everything. But one drunken night, Gage ruined it all and broke Felicia’s heart.

That was a long time ago and they’ve both moved on, never expecting to see one another again.

But as the new wing commander at the local Air Force base, Gage finds something on this assignment that he never expected...his first love.

The problem...she’s in love with someone else.

Fate can be a lover’s best friend, but karma can be a vengeful enemy....

And a dangerous obsession threatens it all.

NOTE: this is the 5th book in the series, but it is a stand-alone novel.

This book is starting to hit reviewers e-readers. 
This is always a serious nail-biting time. 

I don't put a book out unless I'm happy with it, but I never know how readers are going to react.
Until those first few reviews go up or I'm getting messages, this is a SCARY time...LOL.

And if you're a book blogger or reviewer and want to review it, drop me a line...

Have you discovered oils yet?
I'm just dipping my feet into this trend right now, and I have no idea what I'm doing yet. All I know is that my moods are definitely affected by scents (and music, and weather, and hormones, and food...LOL).

But I digress. 
I do think I can enhance certain emotions and motivations by using oils. 
At least I think so. 
We'll see. 
This is as far as I've gotten...ordering and opening a starter kit.

So, anyone out there with experience and knowledge...share it with me. 

And I'll keep you updated if I find any miracle oil that manages to keep me on task...LOL.

Favorite bujo layouts...
This week I was asked to do an interview about my bullet journal. Part of the post was to share my five favorite layouts. Since I'd taken these photos, I thought you all might enjoy seeing them, too...

The Spring Dance signals the start of Spring Break....
This is her last year in elementary school, and these little things like the last elementary-level dance are a little bittersweet. Soon, she'll be in middle school and hormones will begin to take over and everything will change. 

I'm trying to enjoy these little moments.
And yes, that includes things like shopping for girly dresses and bonding over dying her hair teal...hehe. Don't worry, it will eventually wash harsh chemicals at this age.

Mary Poppins Returns...

OMG, I'm so freaking excited about this. Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins? YES...PLEASE!
Christmas 2018.
I can't wait!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned.
We're starting Spring Break here.
And don't forget to Spring Forward Sat night/Sun morning.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Five...March is HERE!

I have a good excuse...
for why the Friday Five is slightly late today. 

I've been working hard to get When Love Comes Back completely ready to upload. 
Yep, you heard that right. 
I should have preorder links by Monday.
Who's excited?

I know I am.
And nervous...
It's been a while since I released a book in this beloved series. 
I hope you guys love Felicia and Gage as much as you've loved the rest of the characters in this series.
Personally, I adore, so much!

Releasing March 23rd.
Watch next week when I'll be posting preorder links.

I can't wait!!!

I don't know if you've heard of PassionFlix, but it's an amazing movie/streaming service created for romance readers/authors/fans. This company takes popular romance novels and turns them into book, and one of my favorite books is coming to their screen on March 15th!!!

The streaming service is only $5.99/month (and I am not tied to it at all, besides as a subscriber who loves to see my favorite books as movies).

The Matchmaker's Playbook is a fantastic New Adult romance set on a college campus with one of the most incredible/memorable couples I've ever read.

I highly, highly recommend both this book and the follow-up book, The Matchmaker's Replacement (which I think is also slated to become a movie...yippee). The Matchmaker's Replacement actually made my Top Ten list for 2016, so that tells you how much I loved both these books.

You can find my reviews for the books HERE (The Matchmaker's Playbook) and HERE (The Matchmaker's Replacement).

Weight Watchers Update...
I have to admit, I'm VERY happy with this number. I love the new weight watchers easy and effective. TWELVE pounds...whoohoo!

For those keeping track, my official WW goal is 150, so I'm darn close to that, but my personal goal is somewhere between 135-145, so I still have a ways. But either way, I'm so happy with this!!

A whole week of reading FOR ME...
It's been no secret that the last year has been crazy-busy for me. Part of that was because I didn't cut down (too much) on the amount of books I was accepting for review. Going into 2018, I've made a conscious decision to accept books for review less. The reason? Probably not what you think. LOL

I don't plan on reading less, but I have right around 1800 books in my to-be-read pile. That's 1800 books THAT I OWN ALREADY that I haven't read yet. 

Yeah, I know, that number hurts my brain, too. So, I'm determined I will get some of those books read this year.

This is just one small pile that I've been choosing my reading from...

So many good books that I want to read up there ^^^ and in my TBR. 
Aww, I really love reading!

Create Magic...
This week I've worked on three different books and this motto of the year remains more important than ever. Making sure I focus on the romance, the story, these wonderful characters that I love and want to create the best happily ever after they could ever imagine...or better. ;)

It's all about that moment in the book when emotions clog the reader's throat, because it's just so dang perfect. I love those moments. *happy sigh*

Have a great weekend everyone!
I hope you're reading something fabulous this weekend.

And heads up, bloggers. ARC's are coming...probably by Monday.
PS...if you want to be on my reviewer/blogger list, drop me a note...