Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Five for Jan 13...

ooh, I just titled this post and realized this is going up on Friday the 13th. 
I missed that we had one of those coming.

(and no, I'm not really superstitious...LOL)

So onto the Friday Five...

The art of letter writing...

This is one of those things that I love just for the nostalgia and thoughtfulness that it takes, although I'll admit, I'm the world's worst about actually doing it. 

But with the man-child at Basic Training for the Air Force, I am getting in touch with my letter-writing side again. They aren't allowed any other real communication, but they can receive letters.
But it's hard to do. 

I may be a writer, but I am not a talker. 
I abhor talking on the phone. 
Texting was made for people like me...say what I need to say and that's it. 
But how much are we losing by this quick communication? 

It's interesting... I am more thoughtful about him throughout the day now...looking for little tidbits to put into a letter about what's happening in our world. As a result, he's on my mind even more than he usually is. I kind of like that.

So, tell you ever write letters? Personally I think I need to make more of a conscientious effort toward doing it.

(a new resolution)

Story Descriptions...
Happy sigh. 
I love writing story blurbs. 
So many authors don't enjoy it, but that is not me. 

In the past two days I've written FOUR of them.
 (you know what that means? There's fun stuff coming!!)

So, because I suck at keeping things about I share one? 

Do you want to read the story blurb (back cover copy) for...
Found at the Bookstore?

okay, okay...only because you twisted my arm...hehe

Here it is...(and it may still get edited a bit more before release):

Found at the Bookstore Story Description

After suffering a traumatic brain injury the final football game his senior year in high school, Ryder Garrett’s life was never normal again. Most days he’s happy when he can remember the way home. There’s no room in his life for romance or love, which means he’s destined to die a virgin.

Stig Minton doesn’t remember what virginity felt like. Twelve years older than Ryder, he’s been around the block too many times to count and has the scars to prove it...both physically and mentally.

But as these two men come together to help with a wedding, they forge a friendship, a friendship they both desperately need. As their relationship evolves, feelings go deeper. But is it stupid to risk this new—and, yes necessary—bond in pursuit of something that’s doomed to fail?

They both think they’re too broken to make this work. But what if they’re wrong?

Two broken souls may just be able to find reparation in one another.

Book #2 in the Found Series.

It's coming soon...probably early March. 

Favorites of the week!

Favorite book...
Worth the Wait 
by Claudia Connor

You can see all of my A++ rated review HERE.

Favorite Planner page...
This is the page I did the day Jacob left for Basic Training. 
I just love all the red and blue hearts and the effect the watercolor shading gave on the page.
The stamps are all from Unity Stamp co.
You can see my other pages on my IG page.

Good friends

I have a special friend who gets me.
She gave me this bracelet yesterday and I'm totally in love with it. 
 (if you can't read it, it says...Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat)
Love, love, love!!

Thank you, B!

And finally...the last in our countdown. 
One of the things I want to do this year is share authors with you that you may not know about. 
This first author I'm sharing is a brand new author.
This is actually a couple of well-known authors who have come together and are releasing their first book under their new joint penname...

I'll admit I haven't read this book yet, but I'm dying to. 
It looks like so much fun. 
I can't wait for it to come out.
It releases Feb 1st...
Story Synopsis:
Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this fun
Was the one night stand a good idea? Well, no. Probably not in retrospect.
In my defense I had just moved back into my grandparent’s house, I’d lost my dream job, and a guy on Tinder had stood me up. It was like life had suddenly stamped ‘LOSER’ on my forehead.
So when the guy behind the bar started giving me THE look…you know, the one that promised I’d be screaming his name into the wee hours of the morning? When that guy also has the perfect amount of scruff on his chiseled chin, biceps bulging out of his t-shirt, and a cocky grin you knew he’d earned in the sack…when he gives you that look, you don’t bother to figure out what your six degrees of separation are. You jump on that horse and ride it!
Pun fully and completely intended. And accurate by the way.
I fully admit to feeling sorry for myself and acting impulsively, but by the time I’d figured out WHO the bartender was, I was already falling for him.

You can add it to your goodreads list HERE.

Okay, all. That's it from me this week. I hope you're having a good one. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Friday Five...on Saturday's Saturday and I didn't get this up yesterday. 
I promise I wasn't slacking. 
I actually was working...really hard...and the details about that take me into my FIVE for this week.

Doubling up on projects....
So, this is why my Friday Five post is late today.
Right now, I'm working on two projects/day.
I have a goal of writing 2k/day on one project (Found at the Bookstore)
I've also been doing final edits on another project (this one's a secret)

I was in the last dash of edits last night which took me until 11 PM.

But I got them done.
And I didn't get this post done.

But after staying up until 1:30 getting some other tasks on my list completed, this is the first thing I'm doing Saturday morning....even before coffee.
Well...during coffee. 
Coffee is most definitely being imbibed. 
I did mention I stayed up until 1:30 am, right?

New Goals/Optimistic Plans
I love this time of the year because there are all kinds of new, positive outlook posts and groups popping up everywhere. I'm a member of several of them and it rocks. I love adding positivity and accountability to my life. It makes goals so much easier to achieve. 

I've been getting my word counts done EARLY in the day which makes working on multiple projects possible. I LOVE that...and in the end you will, too, because that means more books coming out faster.

First release of 2017 will be Found at the Bookstore...and I  think I'll finish the first draft of it this week. Yippee. I love Ryder and Stig so much. *happy sigh*

Joy of Slippers
I don't know where you live, but if you're in the US, it probably got really cold this last week. Ack...I live in Texas where we usually run our air conditioner on Christmas was in the mid 70's that day. But as I'm writing this today it is 14* outside. 

So, one of my favorites this week...are my slippers.
I've discovered over the years that if my feet are warm, the rest of me usually is, too. 
But it's not just wearing slippers. 
In fact, I hate wearing slippers by themselves. 
Sweaty feet...nuff said. 
No, there is a method to wearing slippers. 
You have to put on socks first.
That is the secret to having toasty toes.
Socks + Slippers = WARMTH
It's magical.

Favorites of the Week
Favorite planner page...
(You can check out my instagram page here with every day's planner layout)

I just love that sentiment. 
I also played with some new watercolor paints (Prima) on this and they blend amazingly well

Favorite read of the week...
(with my author schedule and the details of #5 happening, it's been a light reading week)
Giving It All by Christi Barth
Naked Men #3...releasing Jan 17th
I've adored this series and Logan, the hero in this book spoke to me. I loved him so much. The series is based upon a group of five guys who survived a horrific event in high school...their bus crashed in the Italian Alps in the middle of winter...leaving them hurt and stranded for 3 days. That trauma shaped them all and bound them together so their friendship is even stronger. But none of them were as affected as Logan by it. He shaped his entire world around that one event. I adored him. 

You can pick up any of the books to read as stand-alones...but the entire series is FANTASTIC!!

My New Airman
This week also brought a few surprises. 
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our son is home and living with us again while he waited for Air Force boot camp. Last week, he'd gotten official word that he was supposed to report in March 14th. That was meant we got to spend a couple more months with us. 

Well...after 21 years with the military we should know not to plan on anything like that. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, he got the paperwork that says he's to report in Monday
Like in 2 days from now!?! 
Ultimately, this is a good thing. The job he's getting is amazing and I'm so excited for him.
But, but, but...
My little boy (who is 21) is going to boot camp.
*my heart*

Let me explain something.
I'm not that mom. My kids go to kindergarten. Yes! Now I have free time during the day and they need the social outlet. Even when he left for college, it was okay. It was just 3 hours away and my college years were some of the best times in my life. He'd love it. Besides...he was only 3 hours away and I knew I'd still be involved with his life (hey, I was paying the bills...he'd have to still call and see me). 

But this is different.
(and dammit, I think I even would have been okay if I hadn't gone to see Rogue One...the trailer for Dunkirk killed me!! Like left me a soppy mess...the trailer! My baby is about to become a soldier)

I know, I know.
I spent 20 years as a spouse to an Air Force guy. I know the world. I know the lifestyle. I know...but right now, it's all so real. For the first time, I'm sending my kid off to someplace where I have 0 control. It's going to be hard for him. I know that. But this is the beginning of his life away from me. From here on out, his loyalty is to the Air Force and the odds are he will never live in my house again.

So, yeah...
I'm excited for him.
But I'm a bit of a sappy, teary mess.
Because I'm going to miss my kid. 
Even though I'm so proud of the man he's becoming.

So, a day late, but that is this week's Friday Five.
smiles, everyone! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Recap and Looking forward to 2017

Going into 2016, I had big plans of releasing 9 books. 

Well, that didn't happen

Instead, I released 3 books:

3. Joshua

Yes, I agree...I totally failed you all in getting books out for this year, and I apologize for that. 

So what did happen in 2016?

I had two projects go WAY over the projected word equal 100,000 extra words I hadn't planned on for the year. That's equal to three months work. And that's most of the reason why I released so much less than planned

The other reason is that putting out books costs money in editing and covers. Right now, it's costing me WAY more to publish (in the US) than I'm making (although I can maybe see the end to that in the near future...I hope). But as a result, I can only pull so much money out of my household account to support my job. 
**eeks...that's REALLY not the way this is supposed to be working**

But the good news is that there are some really exciting things happening...that I really am not at liberty to talk about yet. Yikes, I know that it's a huge tease, but gah...seriously, you guys there are so many really fabulous things coming around the corner. 

The second half of this year has been crazy...but in the VERY BEST WAY!! I can't wait to share.

This was the year that my books got translated into French. OMG, you guys, this is such a huge thing for me. France! I love it so much. 
I completely slaughter the language (which is why I'm so thrilled to be part of Juno Publishing who handles all my translations), but in all the world, France is one of my all time favorite places. We got to visit there twice when we lived in England and those were absolutely some of my best memories ever...easily top 5 life remembrances. So, yeah, to see my books in French is HUGE to me.
And there are many more books to come with this fantastic publishing company. We just signed contracts for 6 more titles. Yippee!!

Finally, I'm truly finding a rhythm to my writing. I have several different writing "tribes" who help to keep me on track with my goals...each in a different way. But all of them are combining to take me to new heights with where I'm going...and believe me, I am going places in the near future.

And the best thing about that? There are so many truly incredible characters in my head, just waiting for you all to read about them. I can't wait for you all to meet them because they truly rock. OMG, the absolute best thing is falling in love with a new hero...and readers...I have some fantastic ones coming to you soon!

And now I want to get off here and go write...

So, even though 2016 doesn't look that impressive for new releases, it was really successful for writing new words. In 2016, I wrote 420,160 words. That's a heck of a lot of writing. 
Within those words was the completion of 8 books with several more begun.

A lot of those will be releasing in yay!!

So, that leads us to this...
What's coming from Christi Snow in 2017???

This is my tentative release schedule for the upcoming year...

Feb- Found at the Bookstore (Book #2 Found series...m/m)

April - Intertwined Hearts (Book #3 Snowcroft series...m/m/f)

May - Believe in the Wish (m/m standalone)

August - Snowcroft Restoration (Book #4 Snowcroft series...m/m- LAW's book!!!)

October - Smolder (novella #1 paranormal...m/m vampire anthology)

December - Shiver (novella #2 paranormal...m/m shifter)

The good news is that most of these books are already written, so releasing this tentative list isn't even that risky. I just have to get them edited and have my designer rock out some new covers for me.

Also, there are some seriously fun surprises that will probably be revealed throughout the year, hang on to your seats. I know this list looks bleak for my m/f readers, but there is stuff coming for you, too...I promise. 

To close, thank you so much for sticking with me this year. 
2017 is going to be bigger and better than ever. 

But all of it is because of you. 
I have the absolute best readers.

Thank you for a great year.
Let's hope next year is even better!!